William F. Rudall. Surveyor and Explorer

William F. Rudall. Surveyor and Explorer

The biography and expeditions of Rudall and the details of the death of Aubrey Newman.

by Peter Bridge, Phil Bianchi, Alan Zweck, Gail Dreezens.

This long-awaited biography contains much previously unknown information from Rudall’s family papers, AZ being a distant relative. His surveys and explorations are treated in detail and are of especial interest due to his being the 2IC to Surveyor Newman who died on their expedition. Rudall named Mt Newman. His work in the desert searching for the lost Calvert explorers brought his name to the public. Unfortunately funding was not forthcoming from the expected Government and corporate sources and so both a two-year delay and a shorter print run is the result. 

ISBN 978-0-85905-672-4, (Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2019), A4, 176 pages, illustrated, maps and indexed.

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